Hey everyone, for those who did not get to watch the Today show yesterday morning I will be linking the video on the site for you to check out. I must say it was a really interesting segment and worthwhile for anyone in school, just finishing up and recent graduates. 

Famed Intern Queen, Lauren Berger participated in 15 internships during her four years of Undergrad school. However Berger says on her site that she didn't have a direction and what the internships did for her was give her the spark to take charge of her future. Now, she's written a book called 'All Work, No Pay', that she shops and discusses on the show and she has a seemingly pretty established presence on the web and generally speaking.

I strongly believe that college can open practically a golden gate of opportunity for a lot of people that many of them don't see, maybe until it's too late. With the market being what it is today I hope that kids are figuring this out much earlier. I think her book, speaking engagements, etc. have wealth knowledge about how to approach an internship and how to make it work for you in the long run.

Now I have been an intern before and have worked where interns are employed. I do suggest that students be very aware of the internship they are in. I would not be afraid to ask questions, they are going to screen you it's not a bad idea to screen them a little. I have seen interns learn various software programs and real life skills that translate to many different jobs. But, I have also seen interns learn no useful skills that will translate for them to the work world. My sympathies go out to those who are stuck with busy work and feel cheated out of the real reason for internships.
I think the worst is putting in so many hours and investing so much of yourself and walking away not learning any practical skills you would use in that type of job or field. I would also recommend like she did starting early. Fact of the matter is you may not be working in your degree when you graduate; that being said having an internship in your field and one outside could be beneficial. If you start one last minute you will be very limited as far as what you can get, where you can go, etc. But if you start early you'll give yourself time to find a great internship or two where you can really walk away with the skills you will need.

Experience is experience and you never know when that experience could come in handy. Besides, that one internship could help you decide what career path or field you want to focus on. It could even lead you to your first job!



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