It's still difficult to realize I'm starting all over again. But, I realized, you know I took a risk, got some great new skill sets and maybe I'll be in a position to help someone else from my experiences in the future. 

I saw a great you tube channel last night. I've written to the admin and asked if he would mind my posting his videos and what not on here. The're really practical, easy to understand and overall easy ways to save money when things are difficult financially. Hopefully more to come on him but for now I'm back to the grind.

Thanks for checking in everyone! Hope your day runs smooth to and keep your chin as high as you can get it. 

Christine B
07/11/2011 06:30

Keep the chin up! Take it a day at a time and good luck. Love the site.

Shannon I
07/11/2011 09:31

I understand completely what you are experiencing. I am currently unemployed for over a year and have YET to even be called in for an interview for a job. I am enlisted in state funded job training right now, but even my instructors at my institute are telling me, even with my certification being in demaned, I'm not guaranteed a job after graduation. Never in my wildest dreams did imagine myself here, when I went in to college 9 years ago. Thanks for writing about your experiences.


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