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I hope everyone had a chance to read the article about Defensive Diving Class. Just to recap Defensive Driving Class is a class where by taking it you can get a reduction in points on your driver's license and/or your car insurance bill. Now as to how many points if any and amount discounted on your insurance vary depending on the state which you live. Note that these classes must be approved by your DMV. If you are a NJ resident, in the article  specifically posted on the subject you can link to the  full list of approved classes from the NJ DMV. 

So today I attended one of these classes.  The instructor was a safety expert who worked mostly out of NY. Due to work on their office, the class was held in the home adjacent to the service area. A nice fresh box o joe and dunkin's donuts and munchkins were served,Great for a day starting at 9:30am with the promise of continuing well into the afternoon. The fact that it was in a home actually made it more comfortable and laid back. While it appeared that some had gone more than once there was a few like myself who had gone for the first time. 

First, Ed, the instructor did a little overview of various different driving issues. Then we started delving into the workbook, answering a few Q&A, true and false and open-ended questions. There were videos which corresponded to these sections which we watched. 

The second video was especially campy. It was about ABS brakes with a 40's/50's PI (Private Investigator) mystery theme. The investigator was "Mr Straight" and he couldn't walk a crooked line; it went downhill from there. However, campy as it may have been, I actually did walk away remembering the difference between regular brakes and ABS brakes. 

The class may have it's moments but all in all worth the little bit of time out of my weekend. I urge everyone to check with their DMV and car insurance company to see if this is a worthwhile option for you. 

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With summer here and more people traveling, I have an easy way for you to save.  New Jerseyans-  it is possible to take up to two points off your license as well as get a discount on your car insurance. 

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