Hey everyone,
Our first contributor has given us a GREAT article. The Title is Mary's Staging Advice. It's loaded with steps to help you 'stage' your house yourself. This is usually done in real estate if the feedback is that the house is not tidy, cluttered or extremely styled. Sometimes, your house reflects you which is great, except if your trying to sell it to any potential buyer. Sometimes people have a hard time visualizing the house as their own and Mary's tips on how to stage without paying a fortune to have it done includes one item that anyone could try whether they're staging their home, having an open house or having company and want to give the house a baked apple pie smell. It's an extremely cost effective recipe you more than likely already have the ingredients for. The article is in the Tips From Professionals section of the page and Mary's contact information is listed on the NEW 'Contributors' section. 

Recipe for a mock apple pie potpourri:

        Four Apples, cored

        Four Tabs of butter

        4tsp. of cinnamon

        4tsp. of pumpkin pie spice

        Dark soda

 Fill the four cored apples with one tab of butter, 1 tsp of cinnamon, 1tsp of pumpkin spice and a dark soda. Place in the oven on 350 and five minutes before the viewing is scheduled, turn off the oven and let the fragrance fill the house

A Word version of the article complete with biographical information will be available shortly. Until then, you can find it in the contributors page along with the contact form for her.. also coming is her own website, links for that will be posted shortly. There you will be able to communicate with her directly, view her current listings, and get real estate advice as a buyer, seller and/or an agent


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